“Northwest cartel leader extradited to the United States”

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Tijuana Baja California March 15, 2022

By: Oscar Blue Ramirez

The drug trafficker Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez, better known as “El Huevo”, leader of the Northwest cartel, was handed over by the Mexican authorities to the United States government. He had been a fugitive from Justice for many years and required by the Texas federal court, due to his relationship and kinship of being the nephew of Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, “EL Z-40”. The Mexican government reported that he has been deported to the United States because he is an American citizen. SEDENA AND THE FGR They handed him over to the agencies of the United States, better known as the US. Marshalls AND FBI agents. In the state of Texas, drug trafficker Juan Gerardo Treviño is required for crimes and links to drug trafficking and money laundering, for which reason an extradition order had already been issued. The drug trafficker better known as “El Huevo” was arrested in the early hours of yesterday, which unleashed enormous insecurity in the city of Tamaulipas where there were blockades and shootings in the Nuevo Laredo area.

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