Figures of a type of spell on top of migrant documents just steps away from crossing the San Luis Río Colorado into Arizona


San Luis Río Colorado January 4, 2023

By Oscar Blue Ramirez

San Luis Río Colorado.- A few steps from entering the Arizona border on the part of San Luis Río Colorado, two figures of a type of spell or practice were located in a tree with two saccharified doves. In the lower part of the tree, next to the pigeons, it was also discovered that there were various identifications of migrants buried in ritual form.

The journalist Ben Bergquam describes to us that they were different identifications from all over the world and that it was perceived as a type of ritual that is practiced before arriving at the border wall.

This area in the part of San Luis, Arizona where the wall ends, according to the US authorities of the CBP report that the number of migrants arriving per day is 1,000 people, who turn themselves in to the US authorities to request asylum and refuge. .

In the desert area, underwear for minors and women was also found, as well as all kinds of documentation and travel tickets from Russia.

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