“400 elements of the military arrive to reinforce and combat the insecurity of crime and homicides in Tijuana.”


Tijuana Baja California March 18, 2022

By Oscar Blue Ramirez.

.-Given the rise in homicides and insecurity in Tijuana, the federal government has decided to militarize the city by sending 400 members of the army. Brigadier General Homero Edmundo Blanco Losada, commander of the anti-homicide operation in Tijuana said: “The main characteristic of this force is its high mobility and its great deployment capacity, with this we will reinforce the activities that are already up to date together with the Secretary of State Citizen Security, State Prosecutor’s Office and the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and municipal authorities.

On Thursday, March 17, the deployment of the army begins in the most critical place, the Sanchez Taboada neighborhood.

“La Sanchez Taboada is a very critical area and indeed we are going to work meticulously in that area and also in other rural areas such as the two delegations such as La Presa and La Presa Rural.” At the same time that the activities and deployments began in the areas affected by insecurity, organized crime did not cease and shortly before 10:00 am they abandoned human remains and legs in the Las Delicias II neighborhood. About 35 minutes later they left the remains of a corpse, legs and arms with a cardboard with a threatening message, addressed to the Government.

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